Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking included?

We offer free, off-street parking to all our residents

What if I can't find a roommate? Will one be placed with me?

Never fear, our roommate matching system is here! Within the application process, you will find a portion that allows you to submit your living needs. This allows us to get to know each resident better and we use this to match you with like roommates.

Do you allow animals?

We unfortunately are not a pet friendly community. However, we do allow service and emotional support animals.

Am I allowed to have guests spend the night?

We of course love to meet your friends and family! We ask that all guests sign in and out at our front desk. We also have a limit on how many days a guest can stay over. They are allowed 3 consecutive nights. If they wish to stay any longer you must have permission from the management office. Your guest must always be accompanied by you and when staying over, they must stay in your room and not the common areas within your apartment.

School ends in May, why do I have to pay through July?

Our lease term is one year. This allows our students who are taking summer courses to continue their stay while in classes. We also have a handful of students who end up working over the summer, so this allows them to work and still have a place nearby to stay. The best part though, is for those who decide to renew for another year. They will not have to move all of their belongings out just to move back in!

Do you have laundry on site?

We do! Our laundry room is located on the ground floor of the building. This is the only amenity that costs an extra fee. The laundry machines are operated with a laundry card. The card costs $5.00 and has $3.00 pre-loaded on it. You insert your laundry card into the card machine and then can load the card with your desired amount of money.